Friday, April 17, 2009

Gifts of the Spirit

After growing up in a Baptist church most of my life, there is a substantial change going to a Methodist church. From my rumination of last night, I realize that Methodists are much more service oriented, and possess that service gift of the spirit. After taking a class on spiritual gifts, at this church I realized that I had the gift of mercy. This means that I deeply yearn for and enjoy deep relationships in friendships and romantic relationships. I did learn that I lack in the service gift of the spirit. This does not mean that I don't belong at a Methodist church, since we all possess different gifts of the spirit, but since the Methodist are so much more service oriented than I; I will have to "exercise" my gift of mercy in a service orientation. I will have to find a place to serve in which I can interact with people in a more personal way, rather than just "worker bee" service. As I have learned, we are all God's hands and feet, and possess different gifts from the Holy Spirit when we come into a relationship with Jesus Chirst, our Lord.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jesus' Birthdate?

Astronomers have identified that on April 17, 6 BC, Jupiter appeared as a morning star with the moon in Bethlehem in the sign of the constellation of Aries. Aries the Ram is believed to be the sign of the Jews, and can be seen on ancient coins believed to be in the currency of the Jewish people during this time.

According to Astrology, this event of Jupiter appearing as a morning star in Aries would signify the birth of a King in Bethlehem, Israel, the Jewish nation. It is believed that the wise men of the east were astrologers that followed the "star" until they reached Bethlehem, where they gave gifts to our Lord as recorded in the Holy Bible. King Herod also was told by these wise men of this event and its significance, and that is why King Herod ordered the massacre of all infants in Bethlehem. The birth of a new King, in the stars, would be a definite motive for the king's actions of a massacre of all new born infants.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vibrating strings of energy

If you haven't heard or read recently, Einstein started what has continued to evolve into the study of Quantum physics, which has completely turned what you may have learned in your science class, into history. Quantum physics is a branch of science that studies "quanta" or units of energy. This science has gone on show that we as humans and the objects that surround our everyday lives, are composed of protons and electrons, but those protons and electrons are nothing more than energy, or strings of vibrating energy! This goes against the great Issac Newton and his theories of there being basic building blocks of matter comprised of atoms. These atoms are not solid "blocks", but are just energy patterns. When we see the color blue, we are actually seeing an energy string vibrating at a frequency of the color, that the observer observes as the color blue. Our own human body is composed of vibrating strings of energy, that vibrates at certain frequencies, these strings of energy interact with the other strings of energy around us in the universe, and affect us in ways, not yet understood. What is even more facinating is that the same energy that is found in the sun, moon, and stars, are found within our bodies as well. All of this is theory still of course, since it is so new, but what Einstein contributed to science has contributed to a much greater understanding of ourselves and this universe. We are not "solid" beings, but are comprised of energy bundles and strings that communicate with the entire universe. Tell me that is not amazing! This discovery affects not only ourselves but our economy, our conscience, and how we live and relate to God. I hope you will continue to follow my blog as I will try to explain to you what all this means, and how our universe depends on us as much as we depend on it.


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Theory of God from a Scientific Perspective

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This is an older blog from years ago that I decided to post to get things rolling. --Over the past few years, I have asked for wisdom in my prayers like that of King Solomon of the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. Solomon was the author of the book of Proverbs of the Bible, and the Bible tells us he was the wisest man in the world. I’m not claiming to be like Solomon, but I feel that the following doesn’t contradict scripture. It is just a scientific way to think of God and us, his creation. The following draws on concepts I have read about in the Bible, religion, technology, quantum physics, astronomy, and general science. This is solely my insight and opinion, and is not the expressed view of Christianity or any of its affiliations. I hope you find it and my blog to be as interesting to read, as it was to me to ruminate on.

If we take the Bible as Truth, then everything in it should help us to understand not only ourselves, but also science, God, and our world. We can therefore use the Bible to help us to understand the mysteries of the universe! The Bible tells us that God is Love, or God = Love. I believe then that Love is the existence of God, or the manifestation of Himself. So we could state then that God=Love=God. This helps us to understand the abstraction of infinity or eternity. God has always existed and will always exist. Love also never started. It has always been in the universe. Love never started and it will never end, and since God is Love, He will never start or end. The Bible tells us also that Jesus Christ is the Light of the world in John 8:12. If Jesus is one with God, and God is one with Jesus then God would also be Light. He would be True, Pure, and Perfect Light. His essence is that of Light and therefore has no amount of darkness to overcome it. God’s Light in comparison with say the Sun’s light is so much brighter than we can bear to see. There is more than one form of light. There is infrared and ultraviolet light as well. The light we can see is only visible light. Darkness is simply the absence of light, so if God=Love=Light then Satan=the absence of Love (hate) =the absence of Light (darkness). Stay with me now, because this is just the foundation for my arguments!
Using this knowledge, let’s examine Einstein’s theory of relativity. E=Mc2. According to Einstein, E stands for energy, M stands for the mass of some object, and c stands for the speed of light. We can use this to show God’s existence. If God=Light=Jesus=God then c=Jesus (light). If we were to square light or double it, then we could say that c2=the Holy Spirit. m would equal all of the mass of the universe, in which God created, you and me included. So then, E would equal the energy of God the Father. So, E (Father God’s Energy) =M (Universal Mass) times c (Jesus Christ’s Light) (Holy Spirit’s Light). Wow! That is incredible to me to think about. So Now God also equals Pure Energy and Satan equals the absence of Energy (void).

If I have peaked your interest, then stick around and post comments and/or follow me on twitter. Next time I’ll expand on these observations and ruminations to tell you more about what I’ve discovered about this incredible Enigma Universe. I hope and pray that if you are not a Christian that you will understand that God is real and His existence can be proven. Creation itself is proof of a Creator just as a building cannot exist without a builder, or a watch exist without a watchmaker.

So until next time, may God bless you and your loved ones,


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